A Lutheran 7th Step prayer

O God,
your hands created a world filled
with your majesty and delight, wonder and joy.
As stewards of that perfect creation,
you made us in your own image,
perfect in every way.
But we were led astray, and you gave us freedom.
We developed habits and characteristics
in order to survive a world
where death ruled,
defects that caused us to harm each other and ourselves
and further separate us from you.
We cling to these wrongs even today,
and cannot free ourselves.
We implore you now, before you,
and aware of our assets and faults,
take these shortcomings away from us,
that we may better love one another,
heal our wounds,
and glorify your name.
Let us be your perfect image once more.
In the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,
who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and forever,

A prayer for creativity

O God,
You have created the universe,
amazing and astonishing in its infinite size and diverse composition
You have created us in your image,
that we may serve you and do great things in your name.
I offer myself to you to do as you will.
Aid me in my struggles,
Remind me that you have made me for wonderful things,
Fill my heart with your Spirit that I may pour out your glory with my voice and hands,
Encourage me when I feel I have nothing,
Help me believe that it is not too late,
and that I am neither too small or too broken
to be healed.
Help me to love myself and others,
to nurture my heart and gifts and others lives,
to give myself comfort,
and uplift my fellow travelers,
That we may enrich your universe.
Help me create in your name that I may glorify you and all of creation.