A Matter of Right

I have now been published again. This is actually a bit old news because the anthology came out in February, but I’m just getting around to announcing it. So you’re getting the news when the year is half over.

The graphic anthology is called “A Matter of Right: Futures of Justice” and it is:

a speculative fiction anthology inspired by the murder of George Floyd in the spring of 2020. It explores how the American criminal justice system has abused the nation’s citizenry and ways that it can improve. The team of creators, ranging experience from an animation legend to a high school junior, answers the questions facing America with more than cynicism and anger, but with much-needed optimism.

Amazon description

The story I wrote “The Chaos Artist” is one of two illustrated prose stories. I think it’s kind of Cyber Punk (tell me if I’m wrong. The rest are in comic panel format.

I wrote the story two years ago, and it’s under my real name rather than my pen name “Cary Michael Bass.” There are also a couple of things that got missed by editorial. Still, it’s a good story.

Award-winning comic book writer Keiron Gillen is also in there. In fact, all of the stories are good. Now go buy this book: A Matter of Right: Futures of Justice.

Here’s a sample of my story: